About us

Our mission is to give people the freedom to easily create and distribute awesome products across Sub-Saharan Africa.


Our People

We are team of people just as diverse and awesome as our products. We're cooks, professional artists, supply chain maestros, musicians, writers, video game addicts, and more. What makes us similar? A passion for creating awesome things.


Our Product

We believe there is no limit to self-expression, and that’s why all our products let you add your personal touch to any part of your life. While we continue to add to our array of products, we ensure that all our products are tested for usability, design, durability & taste. When choosing suppliers and merchants, all that counts is quality, experience and integrity.


Our Technology

While we provide a technology platform that makes personalising products easy, we do not stop there. We continue to invest in, and look for latest technology that makes it possible to bring your ideas to life. Whether it be in the way we manage our aggregation of orders or in the way we dispatch the fulfilment amongst our network of suppliers.

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