Frequently Asked Question

  • What can do for me? allows you create giveaways for all occasions or order souvenirs from your favorite brands. is a trademark of Lasiko.

  • Can I buy single product items?

    No, we sell products bulk. The least minimum you can order is 25.

  • Can I buy single product on the company store?

    Yes, you can buy a single product.

  • Can I see samples of my order?

    Yes, depending on where you reside and the volume of the order. Currently available for Lagos residents only and items above 2,000pcs. Customers can schedule visit to our office to see sample orders. However, for all orders, after checkout, a confirmation e-mail with the virtual sample of your order would be sent to you for re-confirmation.

  • Do you offer customization services?

    Yes, we have an easy-to-use online customization tool for most of our products. Please refer to “HOW IT WORKS”. In addition, you can either upload your own design or request a custom design from us for free. Please see “CUSTOM ORDERS”.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    a) Cards – MasterCard, Visa, Verve

    b) Internet banking using a hardware device (token). We connect you directly to the internet banking page of your choice at checkout.

    c) You may choose to pay for your item via a bank transfer or deposit. You will be notified of our bank details upon checkout and will be required to include the order no in the remark column of the transfer or deposit. You can just reply to the e-mail with the order confirmation indicating payment has been made. When we are unable to matching your payment to your order, our order representative will contact you for further clarification.

  • How do I check the status of my order or track shipment?

    Contact us if you have not seen your order outside the estimated delivery period. We are currently working on an automated system of tracking your orders and would inform you as soon as it becomes available

  • Can I cancel or change my order?

    You can cancel at any time prior to the order going into production. Once items have been imprinted with your logo, we can no longer accept a cancellation.

  • How fast will I get my order?

    The number of days for delivery depends on where you would want us to deliver to. Please refer to “SHIPPING”

  • Can I ship internationally?

    No. We don’t at the moment.

  • What if I receive more or less than I ordered?

    We charge you only for what you ordered. In the unlikely event we ship fewer than you ordered, we’ll ship out the remainder as soon as we confirm that you received less than you ordered.

  • Do you work with event planners & vendors?

    We love working with event planners and vendors to sort souvenirs of their clients.

  • How do I register to partner as an event planner?

    Email us with Event planner to, you can also call 09092223340.

  • I supply souvenirs can I work with

    Yes, we source souvenirs from far and near and we love to have vendors with quality and unique gifts. Email us with Vendor to

  • Any benefits to an event planner?

    We offer commissions to you based on processed orders What can do for me as a consumer brand? allows you provide your most loyal customers and employees all they require to become your brand ambassadors. even allows you track your visibility at points of sale real-time. See

  • What is a personalized store?

    A personalized store features merchandize imprinted with your brand elements and offered up for sale to your most loyal customers and employees. This store offers them a unique shopping experience that is customizable for individual stores. also fulfils the order on your store and handles distribution to the end-user.

  • What is the Agent App?

    The agent app allows your far-flung field teams send you real time results on the disbursement of your promotional items or even your visibility at points of sale.

  • How do I view the data?

    The enterprise solution includes a dashboard that allows you gain full insight into all of your important reports and data so you can track deployment or usage and adequately evaluate if your investments have been well optimized.

  • What else can do?

    We believe is a scalable platform with multiple applications including Gift codes, field team outsourcing, recognition programs, new hire packages, recruiting packages, gift codes, trade show logistics, trade promotion logistics, etc. Policy Return We would be very sad to see you reject an item(s). This is because we are committed to your 100% satisfaction, and would be sad to see you sad. We would therefore reproduce the rejected item to the specification you signed off on, if it’s a customized item. If it isn’t a customized item, we would try to replace the rejected item with an item that matches your expectation. If you are still not satisfied, and can establish clearly that we did not hold up to our end of the bargain, we would initiate a refund. This would normally take 30-45days. Please refer to our terms and conditions.
    Warranties We source for high quality souvenirs but do not offer warranties on them.

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